Trim & Lum Business Center and Trim & Lum Boutique Hotel

The Trim and Lum company, which has been successfully operating in the construction and real estate business for 30 years, recently came up with a new and very interesting project in Skopje. Under construction is the Trim and Lum Business Center, which represents a combined facility, hotel and commercial center, an innovation for the local market.

"Trim & Lum Boutique Hotel" and "Trim & Lum Business Center" are located on "8'th September" boulevard, in the municipality of Karposh. The connections between "8'th September" and "Nikolla Karev" boulevards, the proximity to the main road (Kaçanik street) that connects Skopje with the Republic of Kosovo, the proximity to the Vardar river, the City Park, hospitals and sports centers, make this object even more attractive and accessible to citizens and the business sector.